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Is Luxury Branded Silver Jewellery Worth the Investment

Is Luxury Branded Silver Jewellery Worth the Investment

For this blog post I have teamed up with Leah Hill the owner of Wish Boutique to discuss the topic of luxury branded silver jewellery!

Wish Boutique is an upscale consignment store specializing in luxury handbags, clothing and accessories including silver branded jewellery. During consultations clients often ask me if buying branded silver is worth the investment. Since Leah is involved with the resale of previously owned pieces at her Burlington boutique I thought she would be the perfect person to consult on this subject.

Most jewellery lovers appreciate luxury brands. Silver is often a nice entry point into a luxury jewellery line, but you may find yourself questioning if the retail price can be justified based on the material value of the piece. Are you simply paying for the brand? As an appraiser I can tell you that if we were basing value on material and manufacturing costs alone it would not amount to the retail pricing however brand prestige, collectibility, provenance, and limited quantities all play a part in the value. Those same value points are the reason that there is a resale market for branded jewellery. Investing in branded silver jewellery may offer potential for a decent resale return in the future should you choose to sell it.

                                                                                Currently priced for resale at $179 each

Sherrie – How important is original packaging to the resale of branded jewellery?

Leah – Original packaging does help, but is not imperative.

An iconic Tiffany bangle bracelet currently priced for resale at $519. The excellent thing about Tiffany is their website represents the majority of items in their current line and is a great reference for up to date pricing

Sherrie – Are there specific brands or designs that you find more desirable in the resale environment?

Leah – The resale market loves Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, David Yurman ,Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany. Necklaces, earrings bracelets and watches are preferred as sizing is not typically needed (with the exception of some watches)

                                                                                                                   This particular Hermes ring is priced for resale at $749

Sherrie- Is resale for rings more challenging due to sizing restrictions?

Leah – Resale for rings can absolutely be a challenge, especially when not in the proper environment/showroom.Rings cannot always be sized do to the design or brand  and wear can be more significant, all these factors do make rings a more difficult sale. 

A David Yurman sterling silver statement necklace. Priced for resale at $999

Sherrie – What is the process you use to authenticate and price items for resale?

Leah – We do work with an Authenticator at WISH. Pricing will depend on the brand you are having authenticated, ranging from $40 to thousands potentially.Your authenticator should be able to provide,Original retail Circa/CollectionResale Value Or a simple Yes Authentic or No not Authentic answer.

Sherrie – What are some things we should consider when selling our branded jewellery on consignment?

Leah – If you’re a lover of beautiful jewelry and enjoy collecting and investing in pieces here are a few suggestions that you may want to consider.
1. Keep all packaging, boxes, jewelry cloths, paperwork etc

2. Proper cleanings are so important with a trusted jeweller.

3. Have your beautiful pieces appraised.

4. File all receipts – these are so helpful. Especially if you ever consider selling those pieces. 

Should you decide to sell your jewelry, please do your research. Not everyone has the knowledge of selling luxury jewelry brands.   

Thank you so much for reading our blog collaboration! We hope you found it helpful. Visit Wish Boutique located at 534 Brant Street on the 2nd floor in Burlington Ontario. Follow Leah on instagram @wishboutique12. For more blog posts or to learn more about the jewellery appraisal experience please visit my website


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