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Gem Energy

Gem Energy

In Gemology school we strictly focussed on geological formation, and chemical composition of gemstones for purpose of identification. Gemological training didn’t touch on energy and metaphysics relating to gemstones. It wasn’t until more recent years that I became very interested in the individual meanings and energy relating to individual gemstones. When you visit my lab you will see my collection of crystals that I have acquired over the years. Each one has been selected for very specific purpose and reason.

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrienne Roman who is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho / Tibetan Reiki Master. The story of how she became an energy healer was truly fascinating. She has written the remaining portion of this blog post to lend her expertise on the subject of gem energy. We hope you enjoy!




Adrienne Roman @reikiinthevillagesquare

Matter is energy in the physical form. Created over thousands of years and often under intensely high pressure, gemstones are powerful concentrations of this energy. Everything around us vibrates with energy, and gemstones are no exception. Besides their obvious beauty, precious stones contain unique properties that have been used for centuries as healing tools to amplify mental, emotional, and physical health.

I recently came across a local gem in downtown Burlington. Sherrie Taylor delivers excellence in service, and simultaneously appreciates the benefits of using gemstones to improve health and wellbeing. She’s a VitaJuwel retailer, and her lab sells a number of uniquely European gem-focused holistic products.

As a Reiki Master, I support my clients by helping them to clear energy (qi) disruptions or blockages along the 12 meridians of the body. Many factors can negatively affect the free flow of qi, environmental/electromagnetic pollution, stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and trauma.

Reiki works to prevent illness and disease by realigning and restoring these yin/yang blockages in the flow of qi, and balancing and cleansing all mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual channels. It calibrates the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, and works to support the body’s innate healing abilities to treat root issues and restore optimal health.

Crystals and gemstones similarly act as catalysts and supports on the path to healing. They are a wonderful complement in Reiki healing. I’ve used a number of different crystals and stones to support my clients. I’ve seen them help to eliminate pain, soothe acute and chronic symptoms, and improve physical, mental, and spiritual clarity.

Turquoise is sacred in Native American and Tibetan Buddhist practices, it symbolizes wisdom and reflects the eternity of the soul. The Aztecs and other civilizations placed precious gems in the center of body armour to carry power and protection to the user. Their individual energies work to strengthen, detoxify, and regenerate. Today rubies, sapphires, and diamonds are all used in surgical lasers to perform the most delicate of surgeries, and in complex circuit boards to relay technological information.

As with any other energy form, there are many different gradations in the nature of gemstones. There are those that are pure in nature, and those that have inferior color, clarity, and contaminants. It’s important to choose high quality crystals and gemstones for healing. Do your research. Take the time to pick your gems carefully. They can energize and revitalize.

Existing as a channel of pure energetic communication, gemstones remind us that our true nature is ultimately no different than that of the clearest crystal.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog collaboration! To learn more follow Adrienne on instagram @reikiinthevillagesquare. Contact Adrienne for a treatment at 

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